poalarized asked:
i super duper love the polka-dress :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Buy it na!;)


So I’ll be holding a closet sale! Someone interested? lol

1. Zebra heart dress = 300php (wore it trice)

2. Jellybean colorful dress = 300php (wore it twice) SOLD

3.Susto cream dress = 300php (wore it once during my college grad)

4.Polka dress = 150 (wore it once during new year last year) RESERVED

5.Cheeta print skirt = 150php

If interested just tumblr ask me or text me at 09053373739 (Swish shop number) ;)

Payment mode: BDO or Western Union

Shipping fee: 100php

thriftchic asked:
Zomaygod! You love volkswagen beetles as well! Hello vw homie :)

Yesss! and forever will be! Hihi